Podcast 68: The Indispensable Ingredient

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Many teenagers have a desire to be used of God, but never reach their full potential in ministry. The problem is a common one and Pastor Billy Ingram has joined us today to address it. Listen carefully as he explains how your life can change with just one indispensable ingredient.

This week’s bonus episode from the Battle Plan for Victory is on Guy/Girl Relationships. One of the greatest hindrances to young people is the issue of improper guy/girl relationships. You can listen to the bonus content on the Guy/Girl Relationship topic page or in your podcast feed of choice.

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About the Author
Billy Ingram

Billy Ingram

Billy Ingram (@evangelistbilly) serves as the Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church in Covington, GA, a board member of Minutemen Ministries, and a former team leader of The War. He and his wife, Christy, have three children, two pit bulls, and a Harley.