Podcast 63: Giving, Not Getting

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Have you ever been disappointed at the end of Christmas day? A young child might end up saddened because he didn’t get all he wanted, but as you grow older, you feel the same dissatisfaction when you don’t give all you wanted to. Today Bobby Bosler proves to us from the very nature of Christmas that giving is always better than getting.

This week’s bonus episode from the Battle Plan for Victory is on Drinking and Drugs. Drinking and drugs are a real problem among young people today. You can listen to the bonus content on the Drinking and Drugs topic page or in your podcast feed of choice.

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Bobby Bosler

Bobby Bosler

Bobby Bosler (@bobbybosler) is executive editor for theegeneration.org, evangelist out of Falls Baptist Church, and adjunct professor at Baptist College of Ministry. He, his wife, Abi, and their two children travel the country in an RV conducting youth rallies with local churches.