Podcast 61: Character Counts

David ZempelDavid ZempelPodcast, Self-Control, Selfishness

Life is full of small responsibilities that make a big difference. When we overlook these tasks in pursuit of a larger goal, we often prove inadequate for that one as well. Today we are joined by Dr. David Zempel who will discuss the importance of being faithful in the little things.

This week’s bonus episode from the Battle Plan for Victory is on Depression. Depression is a prison of your own making, but God has the key to unlock the cell door! You can listen to the bonus content on the Depression topic page or in your podcast feed of choice.

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About the Author
David Zempel

David Zempel

David Zempel is senior pastor of Martinsville Baptist Tabernacle in Martinsville, IN. He has worked with young people for over 30 years in Christian education and has a heart to see young people from all backgrounds follow Christ.