Podcast 58: The Fully Fortified Heart

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Purity is always compromised by the weakest point in our lives. No matter how hard we try to keep the devil out, he often finds that unguarded back entrance. Today we are joined by Pastor John Goetsch, Jr who will explain how to stay pure through a fully fortified heart.

This week’s bonus episode from the Battle Plan for Victory is on Forgiving Others. You can listen to the bonus content on the Forgiving Others topic page.

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About the Author
John Goetsch Jr.

John Goetsch Jr.

John Goetsch, Jr. serves as pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Yuma, AZ. Prior to serving in the pastorate, he traveled in evangelism like his father, John Goetsch, did during his growing up years. He and his wife April have been married since 2001 and they have five children.