Podcast 54: You Are Important to God

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Most of us have frequented a local church for years, and certainly don’t mind doing so, but have you considered why you go to church? Today we are joined by Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen Jr., Pastor of Falls Baptist Church here in Menomonee Falls. Listen as he explains not only the church’s role in your life, but your role in the church.

We wanted you to know that all of the sermons from last week’s Youth Summit are now live and accessible on the Youth Summit page.

Last week, we introduced a brand new resource on theegeneration.org, the Battle Plan for Victory, an online resource designed to help young people get God’s perspective on the issues they are facing and lead them to victory through the Lord Jesus Christ. Check it out and let God speak to your heart! Also, if you attended the Cola Clash+ last week and would like to share your testimony to be a blessing to others, please visit the Your Story page and share what God did in your heart.

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Wayne Van Gelderen

Wayne Van Gelderen

Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr. is Pastor of Falls Baptist Church, president of Baptist College of Ministry, and board member of various organizations around the country. He and his wife, Beverly, live in Menomonee Falls, WI.