Podcast 11: Jesus IS the Gift

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerDependence, Podcast, Spirit-Filled Life, Surrender, Victory

During the mad rush of last minute Christmas shopping, millions are still trying to find the ultimate gift. But is that gift a gift you eat, or a gift you wear, or even a gift that you drive? In today’s podcast, Bobby Bosler explains that the best gift is actually gift you live.

This holiday season, instead of seeking victory, peace, or power, recognize that God has already given you all of those things in Jesus. Just as no one would ever leave presents unopened under the tree, so should we not leave God’s great gift unopened—Jesus Himself.

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Bobby Bosler

Bobby Bosler

Bobby Bosler (@bobbybosler) is executive editor for theegeneration.org, evangelist out of Falls Baptist Church, and adjunct professor at Baptist College of Ministry. He, his wife, Abi, and their two children travel the country in an RV conducting youth rallies with local churches.