I hereby join the Thee Generation by pledging to do the following:

To Yield

I will seek God’s will for my life and do what He wants me to do, not only in my life’s work but also in the moment-by-moment decisions of life. I will not let my preferences, dreams, or friends determine my course, but rather will look to follow God’s will as best I know it.

I will spend time in God’s word every day, seeking not only to understand its meaning, but to obey its intent and to share what I learn with others. In addition, I will talk to God every day, bringing my requests to Him and sharing my heart with Him.

I will order my lifestyle choices according to God’s Word. I will not allow my desires, the world’s pressures, or my friends choices to influence my lifestyle, but will take what God says in His Word as my influence. This would include my musical choices, media choices, friends, and any other area of lifestyle.

To Trust

I will depend on God for everything He calls on me to do, recognizing that I in myself do not have what it takes to accomplish His will. I will not depend on myself—my strength, my knowledge, or my wisdom—to do His will, but on Him.

I will look to the Bible to determine what God can do in and through my life. I will not let my expectations be limited by my experience, by popular opinions, or even by human teachers—I will take God’s promises as they are given and will expect Him to do what He said. Therefore:

  • I will look to God’s promises for assurance of salvation and not to my performance.
  • I will look to God’s promises for victory over sin and not let them be diminished by my history or experience.
  • I will look to God’s promises for usefulness in service and not lower my expectations in unbelief.

I will pursue a life’s partner in marriage by faith, believing that God can and will lead me to His singular choice for my future spouse without scars or regrets. I will not compromise Biblical principles in this pursuit, but rather will conduct myself in a way that is blameless and that will preserve a pure conscience.

To Go

I will seek to regularly attend and serve God in a Gospel-preaching, Bible-believing local church. If the church I am attending denies clear statements of truth in the Bible, I will seek to find a different church that faithfully teaches the Bible.

I will share my story with others on a regular basis, whether in my circle of friends or in my community, seeking to tell others how they can also be saved.

I will seek to improve my understanding of the message of salvation through Bible study and training, if available, to better prepare me to share God’s message.

I will follow the leading of the Lord if He should call me to serve Him in full-time, vocational ministry, whether here in my home country or abroad in other countries.

With a sober mind and a willing heart, I pledge, by and through God’s grace, to live a life of total surrender and total dependence, thereby joining the TheeGeneration.

I recognize that this is not a promise of perfection, but a declaration of intention and direction.

Thank you for your commitment. Now go share it with someone!