From Foe to Friend

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I am a pastor’s daughter and was saved at age four. When I was five my dad became the pastor of a small church in Indiana. When we started a bus ministry we began picking up a girl about my age. That was ten years ago.

Almost from the beginning, I couldn’t stand her, because her pride jarred with my pride. Several times God worked with me about loving her, and I really thought I forgave her, but I still couldn’t stand to talk with her or even be around her. At the Cola-Clash+ this year, I didn’t pass the tests of forgiveness and God showed me I had never really forgiven this girl. I gave all my anger and bitterness to God, trusting Him to heal the hurt she had done me.

When we came back home from the conference I asked her forgiveness and started praying for her. Now, a month later, I have a better relationship with her than I have ever had, and the hatred is all gone. For the first time, I am able to love her, because I’m letting God show me how to love, and then obeying Him. It is such a relief to have the anger and bitterness gone!

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