Podcast 62: A Powerful Christmas

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenPodcast, Sin, Victory

During this time of year, we are often reminded to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. In this podcast, however, Dr. Jim presents a much deeper challenge. Listen to discover not just what Christmas did for you, but what it can do for you this year.

Podcast 61: Character Counts

David ZempelDavid ZempelPodcast, Self-Control, Selfishness

Life is full of small responsibilities that make a big difference. When we overlook these tasks in pursuit of a larger goal, we often prove inadequate for that one as well. Today we are joined by Dr. David Zempel who will discuss the importance of being faithful in the little things.

Podcast 60: How Lost Are the Lost?

Joseph MuellerJoseph MuellerEvangelism, Podcast, Usefulness

Do you have a passion to share the gospel with those around you? Most of us long for a deeper concern for the lost, and that is the theme and goal of today’s podcast. Pay close attention as our guest speaker, Joe Mueller presents an eye-opening question: how lost are the lost to you?

Where's the Fruit?

Joseph MuellerJoseph MuellerEvangelism, Usefulness

Jesus expects his branches to bear fruit; so where is it? Listen as Joseph Mueller challenges us to examine Jesus’ analogy of the vine and branches and asks the important question, “Where’s the fruit?”

Podcast 56: Why Do Right?

Caleb ReedCaleb ReedDependence, Podcast, Surrender, Victory, Will of God

From the highway speed limit to your family curfew; school dress code to having your devotions in the morning, what is your motivation for doing what’s right? In today’s podcast, we are joined by a graduate of Baptist College of Ministry who will explain why some of our most valiant intentions will often end in discouragement.

Podcast 55: Someone Worth Following

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerFriends, Podcast, Selfishness, Worldliness

We understand the power of peer pressure, and of course, most schools try to fight it, but have you considered what God could do through proper peer pressure? God wants you to lead your peers and to be someone worth following. Join Evangelist Bobby Bosler in this podcast to discover what is holding you back from taking others forward.

Podcast 54: You Are Important to God

Wayne Van GelderenWayne Van GelderenPodcast, Usefulness

Most of us have frequented a local church for years, and certainly don’t mind doing so, but have you considered why you go to church? Today we are joined by Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen Jr., Pastor of Falls Baptist Church here in Menomonee Falls. Listen as he explains not only the church’s role in your life, but your role in the church.

Podcast 53: Cola Clash+ 2017

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenBitterness, Confession, Fear, Podcast

Memories made, records broken, and lives changed, the 2017 Cola Clash+ has just concluded. Rather than presenting a canned summary of the week, however, we decided to let the CC+ speak for itself. As teenagers are still pouring out of the auditorium at the conclusion of the final session, join us in the lobby to experience the ambiance.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerCola Clash+ 2017, Dependence, Pride, Sin

There are universal principles that always work in life. One of those principles is “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” When we lift ourselves up in pride, God takes us down. But when we lower ourselves in humility, God lifts us up by His grace. Listen and find out how you can humble yourself in God’s sight!

An Hour with God

Wayne Van GelderenWayne Van GelderenCola Clash+ 2017, Prayer

In this general workshop session, Pastor Wayne Van Gelderen explains how to use the Christ Walk Journal to spend an hour with God in prayer. In addition, he also leads out in an hour with God in prayer, verbally transitioning from each section to the next. Listen and learn to walk with God in prayer!

Dealing with Disobedience

David ZempelDavid ZempelCola Clash+ 2017, Lying, Parents, Sin

Simple disobedience is often minimized and overlooked. While God created teens to begin to think for themselves and make their own decisions, God also equates rebellion and disobedience with the sin of witchcraft. Listen as David Zempel shows us the seriousness and solution to disobedience.

Which Reality? Choosing God in a Digital World

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerCola Clash+ 2017, Media Issues, Surrender, Temptation, Videogames, Will of God

More and more today, there are “realities” competing for our attention. And yet, as humans with finite attention and limited time at our disposal, it is important that we give our attention to what really matters in the grand scope of eternity. Listen as Bobby Bosler shows us how to choose God in a digital world.

What God Wants

Matt WeberMatt WeberCola Clash+ 2017, Confession, Lying, Pride, Will of God

Many times, blame-shifting and dishonesty keep young people back from experiencing the cleansing power of the blood. God wants us to take personal responsibility and be honest about our sin so that we can find true freedom through the purging power of the cross.

From Me to Thee

David ZempelDavid ZempelCola Clash+ 2017, Evangelism, Surrender, Usefulness

When we surrender to and occupy ourselves with God’s purposes, He works with us doing miracles to further His cause! Listen as Dr. David Zempel opens the 2017 Thee Generation Youth Summit with this rousing challenge to move from a self-purpose to a God-purpose.

Podcast 52: If You Love Me

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenPodcast, Surrender, Word of God

It’s just a few days from the 3rd annual Cola Clash +. Before the excitement begins, however, Dr. Jim Van Gelderen has a simple thought for us from John 14. A sequel to his last podcast about hating sin, he will now point us to the expectant words of Christ, “if you love me…” There’s still time to register! The …

Podcast 51: Four Teen Girls

Morris GleiserMorris GleiserDependence, Evangelism, Podcast, Surrender, Usefulness

In today’s podcast we will hear once more from Evangelist Morris Gleiser; this time a story of what God did when 4 teenage girls claimed God’s will in their prayer. God wants every member of the Thee Generation to be involved in a miracle this year. Listen and allow God to give you a vision for yours.

Podcast 50: Moving Forward

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerPodcast, Surrender, Victory

Has your walk with God slowed to a stand-still? Believers can get distracted by defeat or even by a great victory, causing their momentum to stall and all spiritual growth to stop. Join us for today’s podcast as Evangelist Bobby Bosler reveals the one goal that will keep you moving forward.

Podcast 48: The More You Love, the More You Hate

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenFriends, Lust, Media Issues, Music Choices, Peer Pressure, Podcast, Sin

Love is one of the most used and sometimes overused themes in Christianity today. While our love for Christ is essential to a purposeful life of victory, is it possible that hate could play an equally important role? Join Dr. Van Gelderen in this podcast he calls, The more you love, the more you’ll hate.

The Other Brother

Morris GleiserMorris GleiserAnger, Bitterness, Parents, Selfishness

You’re probably well familiar with this classic story about the prodigal son, but did you know that the real point of that story is the other brother? Listen as Evangelist Morris Gleiser explains the dangers of anger, ungratefulness, and bitterness.

The Last Milestone

Frank BaileyFrank BaileySurrender, TRC 2011

Unlike salvation, discipleship requires great sacrifice and dedication. Listen as Frank Bailey challenges young people to take up their cross and follow Jesus!

The Tragedy of Unbelief

Billy IngramBilly IngramDependence, Sin, TRC 2011

The greatest tragedy of the day is that God has promised victory, the abundant life, and power to reach the world, but God’s people don’t believe Him. Listen to this straightforward challenge from Billy Ingram and find your unbelief challenged. 

What Every Tongue Owner Ought to Know

Tom FarrellTom FarrellBitterness, Gossip, Self-Control, Words

The power of speech is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. It is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of God’s creation. And yet, the tongue can be used for great evil. Listen as Dr. Tom Farrell challenges us with what every tongue owner ought to know.

The Disease of Discouragement

Ron DeGardeRon DeGardeBitterness, Discouragement, Forgiveness, Trials, Worry

Disease is nothing new. Diseases have impacted every culture and civilization in every time period. Diseases have claimed billions of lives throughout history. However, there is a disease that is greater than any other on the loose today—the disease of discouragement. Listen as Ron DeGarde helps us diagnose whether we have been infected and how to treat and cure its malignant infection.

Receiving Before You Receive

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenDependence, Prayer, Will of God

How can you receive an answer to prayer before you receive an answer to prayer? Did you know that God has set up a plan that finds and takes God’s promises through prayer? Listen as Jim Van Gelderen walks us through a progression of asking and receiving through prayer.

Podcast 45: God Meant It for Good

Gene BrownGene BrownPodcast, Salvation, Surrender, Usefulness, Will of God

In today’s podcast we are joined by Chaplain Gene Brown for an interview focusing on God’s unfathomable deliverance. Satan would have you so focus on your regretful past that it becomes your inevitable future; while God will not only free you from that past, but will use it as a tool for an impossible ministry.

The Dark Side of the Internet

Rand HummelRand HummelLust, Media Issues, Moral Purity, Sin, Temptation

The Internet is a technological marvel, but there is an evil side that is pervasive and sometimes hard to avoid. No one is beyond its power and pull. Listen as Rand Hummel offers practical Bible principles to help God’s people guard themselves from becoming trapped in the dark side of the Internet.

Destination Purity

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenLust, Media Issues, Moral Purity, Temptation, Will of God

In 1988, a survey of 18 year olds in evangelical churches revealed that 43% had already surrendered their virginity and stepped into moral impurity. God’s Word and the truth of purity confronts culture — even “Christian” culture. Listen as Jim Van Gelderen gives us a candid look at what the Scriptures say about moral purity so that we can agree with God and find freedom.

Purged for a Purpose

Mark GillmoreMark GillmoreCola Clash+ 2015, Dependence, Fear, Gossip, Homosexuality, Usefulness, Words

In Isaiah’s day, God used the death of a good king to bring Isaiah to brokenness, cleansing, and dependence. Likewise, God wants to bring you face to face with your sin so that He can bring you to personal revival and gospel usefulness! Listen as Mark Gillmore challenges us to find brokenness, cleansing, and restoration to a life that makes a difference for Him.

Podcast 42: From Full to Overflowing

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerEvangelism, Podcast, Selfishness, Victory

Sometimes we become so deeply focused on our own spiritual victory that we miss the opportunity to help others. In today’s podcast, Bobby Bosler uses the Apostle Paul to demonstrate the next level of personal victory. Listen to learn how you can move from full to overflowing. If you haven’t heard yet, the Thee Generation Youth Summit, also known as …

God's Three Death Sentences for Dishonoring Parents

God's Three Death Sentences for Dishonoring Parents

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenAnger, Parents, Sin

When God was king over Israel, there were a lot of death sentences for things that we have been desensitized to today. Understanding what these capital crimes were helps us climb into the mind of God to see what He will not tolerate and, therefore, what we shouldn’t tolerate either. One such crime that earned execution in the Old Testament …

Who is the Lord?

Frank BaileyFrank BaileyPride, Sin, TRC 2009, Will of God, Word of God

God is in the business of demonstrating who He is, whether one wants to know it or not. Just as God revealed himself to Pharaoh, a hard-hearted rebel, so God will reveal Himself to you, whether you want to know Him or not. Listen as Frank Bailey challenges us to respond to God’s mercy while we still can.

The Bridge Commandment

Wayne Van GelderenWayne Van GelderenCola Clash+ 2015, Parents, Surrender, Victory

Though all of God’s commandments are important, one command is so important that it forms our very concept of our relationship with God. Listen as Wayne Van Gelderen challenges the young people to honor their parents at the 2015 Cola Clash+ in a message entitled, “The Bridge Commandment.”

The Foundation for Assurance

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenAssurance, Cola Clash+ 2015

Many teens regularly struggle with assurance of their salvation, though they have a clear testimony of salvation. Listen as Jim Van Gelderen explains why teens struggle and how to resolve that struggle in this message from the 2015 Cola Clash+ in Menomonee Falls.

What Will You Do with Jesus?

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerSalvation

The default condition of mankind is not good. Because of sin, man has earned for himself a severe sentence. But the good news is that God has provided a simple solution for mankind through His Son! Find out how to be forgiven forever through faith in Christ.

Podcast 40: Avoiding the Hardened Heart

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenPodcast, Sin, Surrender, Word of God

Sadly, teenagers today have earned themselves the disdain of their authorities by seeking independence and rejecting leadership. Today Dr. Jim Van Gelderen warns of the fateful path to hardening your heart. As a member of the Thee Generation, you have pledged to reject such a destructive end, and he wants to tell you how.

Podcast 38: The Inevitable Conflict

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerDependence, Fear, Podcast, Victory

As teenagers advance in the battle for Christ, one misconception often blindsides even the most courageous: right living does not equal easy living. Join Bobby Bosler today as he warns against subtle attacks of the devil that will take you by surprise if you’re not prepared to face them.

Podcast 36: Make a Leader

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerEvangelism, Peer Pressure, Podcast, Usefulness, Will of God

The majority of today’s teenagers certainly do not look like the next generation of spiritual leaders, but has this kept you from investing in them? No matter your age, God wants you to be a part of training these leaders. Listen to today’s podcast to hear how personal investment can make all the difference in a teenager you know.

Podcast 33: Be a Missionary

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerEvangelism, Podcast, Surrender, Usefulness

This week’s podcast comes from nearly 9,000 miles away in the country of Cambodia. Evangelist Bobby Bosler and a team of students are seeing scores of souls saved through a series of evangelistic rallies. Listen as we hear a quick update from them as well as a stirring challenge from a local missionary.

Podcast 31: Three Rookie Testimonies

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerDependence, Evangelism, Podcast, Usefulness, Victory

Many of you were introduced to the Thee Generation through one of the Minutemen evangelistic teams. This week, a rare convergence of the War team and the War of Special Forces team has facilitated a behind-the-scenes interview with several of the team captains. Listen as the three rookies share what God taught them on their first tour.

Podcast 28: How to Feed Your Faith

Jim Van GelderenJim Van GelderenDependence, Podcast, Prayer, Word of God

Faith is a common theme on this podcast because it is faith that unlocks the victorious Christian life. Some listening, however, may not understand the reality of a walk of faith. If faith still seems to be a foreign concept, then this podcast is for you. Today we’ll not just learn what faith is but how you can nurture it.

Podcast 25: The Girl and the Headhunters

David GibbsDavid GibbsEvangelism, Podcast, Will of God

A few weeks ago, we heard a rousing story entitled A Truckstop Miracle. Many of us were stirred to faith that God can use us to do the impossible. In today’s episode we will hear again from Dr. David Gibbs, this time of a girl who did the impossible even when all odds were against her.

Is the True Friend Your Friend?

Anna DowdyFor Girls, Teen Testimonies

Do you have a true friend?  Every one of us is created for a relationship, and we all feel the need to be close to someone.  We want someone that will listen to and solve all our problems, meet all our needs, be a comfort and help in hard times, and always be there for us. Let me tell you …

Podcast 23: Anger, Justice, and the Devil

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerAnger, Bitterness, Podcast, Victory

How can you forgive someone who is not asking for it? How can you reconcile forgiveness with God’s justice? Can you really “be angry and sin not”? Today Evangelist Bobby Bosler will tackle these questions from the book of Ephesians and explain how biblical forgiveness is the only way to be free from bitterness. If you’ve been encouraged by this …


Hannah KrawiecDependence, Fear, For Girls, Teen Testimonies

At the beginning of the summer, I had no idea how to really trust. Even the word “trust” was a nebulous idea to me. Sure, I could trust in a chair to hold me up or a car to get me from one place to another safely, but trusting God? No. it was easier to figure it out myself. Now …

Podcast 22: A Truckstop Miracle

David GibbsDavid GibbsEvangelism, Podcast, Prayer

In today’s episode our theme of believing God for the impossible is further developed by Dr. David Gibbs, founder and president of the Christian Law Association. Listen intently to this jaw-dropping story of a man who saw miracles every day, simply because he asked. This contains an excerpt from a sermon delivered by Dr. David Gibbs at the 2017 Christ-Walk Conference in Menomonee Falls, WI. If you …

Podcast 21: A Public School Prayer Movement

Rick FlandersRick FlandersEvangelism, Podcast, Prayer

Have you ever wondered if God could use you in your peer group? Recently, we heard a thrilling account of God moving among teens in a public school in Michigan. Listen and let your faith be stirred to believe God to do it again. In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, ‘If …

Doing the Impossible

David GibbsDavid GibbsEvangelism, Prayer, Usefulness

Why would you want to waste your life merely trying to do something great for God? You don’t need God to do something great; lost people do it without Him all the time. God never called you to do something great, God has called you to do things that are impossible. Listen as Dr. David Gibbs shares four rules we need to …

Let the Rivers Flow

Rick FlandersRick FlandersDependence, Evangelism, Spirit-Filled Life, Surrender, Usefulness

You have inside of you a fountain that can meet your every need and overflow to meet the needs of those around you. Your impact on others isn’t about your ability or talent, its about letting the rivers flow! This sermon was delivered at the 2017 Christ-Walk Conference in Menomonee Falls. For other sermon recordings and information on future conferences, please visit victoryconf.org.

Finding Freedom

Jesse WallingAssurance, Dependence, For Girls, Teen Testimonies

It started back in September, 2007. My mom was going through the Wordless Book, and when she got done, she asked me if I wanted to get saved. I became convicted, so I said “Yes”. She showed me what to pray, and I trusted the Lord to save me from hell. (Ephesians 2:8-9) I grew up in a Christian home, …

Podcast 20: Revival Every Day

John HimesJohn HimesEvangelism, Podcast, Spirit-Filled Life, Usefulness

Most Christians think that revival is an event, a time of preaching that results in repentance. Although this is not a wrong statement, revival is much more than this. Revival is something that you live every day. On today’s podcast, we will hear the story of a man whose prominent ministry has been attributed to his daily revival. If you’ve …

Podcast 19: Getting in Gear

Bobby BoslerBobby BoslerDependence, Podcast, Spirit-Filled Life

God wants us to be proactive Christians—finding God’s will and doing God’s will. It’s so easy to forget the mission at hand and begin to coast through life, but this goes against the very heart of the Thee Generation. Listen closely to today’s challenge from Evangelist Bobby Bosler, entitled “Getting in Gear.” If you’ve been encouraged by this podcast and …

My Future

Lydia SmithFor Girls, Teen Testimonies, Will of God

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 Last school year, my parents began talking to me about colleges and what God has for my future. Instead of seriously praying about it, I got my own plans and ideas for my future of being a success in the secular world. During …

Podcast 17: His Life or Mine

Terry SwansonTerry SwansonAnger, Discouragement, Podcast, Spirit-Filled Life

Teenagers face trials, whether at home, in the classroom, or even on the basketball court. Such conflict often brings out a side of us that we wish wasn’t there. Today, we are joined with Pastor Terry Swanson, a man who understands trials that teenagers face and has spent the last four years counseling students to victory. If you’ve been encouraged …