Nearly a decade ago, God stirred our hearts with a promise that He was setting out to do something big among the youth of our world,

I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh;
And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy

Joel 2:28

We stood upon the promise, our hearts stirred within us, and yet we were not exactly sure how or when or how He was going to do it all. Yet time and time again in prayer, we seemed to receive further confirmation that God was going to work as our hearts burned within us regarding that promise. Over time, God stirred our hearts that God’s will was to “send forth laborers into his harvest” from among our youth (Matt 9:38)—that there were “chosen vessels unto me” (Acts 9:15) among our youth throughout our movement and throughout our world. We saw from His Word and His working in our hearts, that God was up to something big.

As we worked with young people and trained college students, we saw God touch hearts. We saw young people willing to surrender absolutely to Christ. We saw them get a hold of the fact that they were weak, but God was strong—and that it would always be so. We saw them make significant sacrifices to follow Christ and fulfill His commission to reach the world with the gospel. It began to occur to us that this movement wasn’t something God was going to do in the future; God was doing it now.

So with all of this going on, we began to realize that faith does not just pray and expect God to work, faith prepares to receive what God will do. We knew that we needed to set our sails to catch the Wind of God as He blows. Therefore, theegeneration.org exists to serve as a catalyst to help teens everywhere comprehend and commit to what God is doing in and through their generation. Our prayer is that this website will serve as a sermon from God to challenge the next generation to surrender completely to God Almighty and to depend upon His Almighty strength to turn the world upside-down for Jesus Christ!